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Larson Allmaras Lecture


Thirteenth Annual William E. Larson and Raymond R. Allmaras
Emerging Issues in Soil and Water Lectures
April 17, 2015
2:00-4:30 PM
335 Borlaug Hall
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"Eureka! Precision Agriculture for Small Scale Farming Systems"

SWAC - Raj Khosla

Dr. Raj Khosla
Distinguished Monfort Professor of Precision Agriculture
Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Dr. Raj Khosla is Colorado State University Distinguished Monfort Professor of Precision Agriculture. In 2012, he was named the Jefferson Science Fellow at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and was appointed Senior Science Advisor on Food Security at the US Department of State. In 2011, he was appointed by NASA to the US “Presidential Advisory Board on Positioning, Navigation and Timing” where he continues to work on US Space based GPS policy. Dr. Khosla’s main research focus has been on “Management of in-field soil and crop spatial variability in large and small scale agricultural production systems”. He has active projects in many nations and has been invited globally to over 2 dozen countries. He has trained scientists from numerous places in his Precision Agriculture laboratory. He is a Fellow of American Society of Agronomy; Fellow of Soil Science Society of America; and Fellow of Soil and Water Conservation Society. Prof. Khosla is the Founder and the immediate Past President of International Society of Precision Agriculture.

Our planet is changing rapidly; increasing human population, decreasing prime farmland, increasing pressure on food systems under the changing climate. We need multitude of solutions to address our current and future global challenges. What role can Precision Agriculture play towards agricultural productivity, resource management, and global food security? Is there a place for IT based innovation in small scale farming systems in Asia or Africa? This presentation will encompass multiple examples and success stories on how precision agriculture is scale independent and could play a pivotal role in addressing the challenge of global food insecurity across small and large scale farming system.


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William E. Larson
Raymond R. Allmaras
Lecture Series

Among the principal concerns for the 21st century are food security, global sustainability of natural resources, and healthy environment. Soil and water sciences play a critical role in addressing these concerns. This lecture series provides a forum to explore emerging issues, to inspire creative thinking, and to recognize excellence in the broad area of agricultural research with specific emphasis on soil and water.

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