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Department of Soil, Water, and Climate

Daniel Kaiser | 612-624-3482
Daniel Kaiser
S235 Soils Building
1529 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108



B.S 2001 Iowa State University Agronomy
M.S. 2003 Iowa State University Soil Science/Soil Fertility
Ph.D. 2006 Iowa State University Soil Science/Soil Fertility


Graduate Programs:
Land and Atmospheric Science
Applied Plant Science

Research Areas:

1. Maintenance of fertilizer guidelines and evaluation of soil test methods for commodity crops
2. Nutrient cycling in cropping rotations - emphasis on sulfur
3. Fertilizer placement - focus on planter banded fertilizer use in corn
4. Development and use of precision agriculture technologies in research and crop production

Selected publications:

Kaiser, D.E., J.A. Lamb, P.R. Bloom, and J.A. Hernandez. 2014. Management strategies for iron deficiency chlorosis assessed using replicated strip trials. Agron J. 106:1963-1974.

Kaiser, D.E., J.J. Wiersma, and J.A. Anderson. 2014. Genotype and environment variation in elemental composition of spring wheat flag leaves. Agron J. 106:324-336.

Kaiser, D.E. and J.C. Rubin. 2013 Corn nutrient uptake as affected by in-furrow starter fertilizer for three soils. Agron. J. 105:1199-1210.

Kaiser, D.E. and J.C. Rubin. 2013. Maximum rates of seed placed fertilizer for corn for three soils. Agron. J. 105:1211-1221.

Kaiser, D.E., and K.I. Kim. 2013. Soybean response to sulfur fertilizer applied as a broadcast or starter using replicated strip trials. Agron J. 105: 1189-1198.

Kim, K.I., D.E. Kaiser, and J.A. Lamb. 2013. Corn Response to Starter Fertilizer and Broadcast Sulfur Evaluated Using Strip Trials. Agron. J. 105:401-441.

Liu, Y., J.B. Ohm, G. Hareland, J. Wiersma, and D.E. Kaiser. 2011. Sulfur, protein size distribution, and free amino acids in flour mill streams and relationship to dough rheology and bread making traits. J. of Cereal Chemistry 88(2): 109-116.

Kaiser, D.E., A.P. Mallarino, and J.E. Sawyer. 2010. Utilization of poultry manure phosphorus for corn production. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 74:2211-2222.

Kaiser, D.E., A.P. Mallarino, M.U. Haq, and B.L. Allen. 2009. Runoff phosphorus loss immediately after poultry manure application as influenced by application rate and tillage. J. Environ. Qual. 38:299-308.

Kaiser, D.E., A. P. Mallarino, and M. Bermudez. 2005. Corn grain yield, early growth, and early nutrient uptake as affected by broadcast and in-furrow starter fertilization. Agron. J. 97: 620-626.