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Department of Soil, Water, and Climate

Deborah Allan | 612-625-3158
S429 Soils Building
1529 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108


B.A.1973Grinnell College, IAAnthropology
M.A.1976University of PennsylvaniaAnthropology
M.S.1983Cal Poly San Luis ObispoAgriculture
Ph.D.1987University of California, RiversidsSoil Science

My research program is focused on the plant root-soil interface.  My objective is to determine how roots and rhizosphere processes can be managed to improve efficiency of nutrient use, minimize environmental pollution, and maximize soil quality.  My present work includes the study of root-mediated mechanisms of enhanced nutrient acquisition and the effects of alternative cropping systems on soil quality and carbon and nitrogen dynamics.

ESPM 1002         ESPM Orientation Seminar for Transfer Students (Fall, 2 cr)
ESPM 3612W      Environmental Soil Biology (Fall, 3 cr)                
SOIL   5612         Soil Biology and Fertility (Fall, 3 cr)               
ESPM 4096         Professional Experience Internship (Fall and Spring, 1 cr)    
LAAS 5051          Proposal Writing for Land and Atmospheric Science (Spring, 2 cr)
SOIL   8550         Directed Teaching Experience (Spring, 1 cr)

Graduate Programs:
Soil Science
Plant Biology
Conservation Biology
Land and Atmospheric Science

Selected Publications:
Dalzell, B.J., J.M.F. Johnson, J. Tallaksen, D.L. Allan and N.W. Barbour, 2013. Simulated impacts of crop residue removal and tillage on soil organic matter maintenance. doi:10.2136/sssaj2012.0221

Coulter, J. A., Delbridge, T. A., King, R. P., Allan, D. L., and Sheaffer, C. C. 2013. Productivity, economics, and soil quality in the Minnesota variable-input cropping systems trial. Online. Crop Management doi:10.1094/CM-2013-0429- 03-RS.

O'Rourke, JA, Yang, SS, Miller, SS, Bucciarelli, B, Liu, JQ, Rydeen, A, Bozsoki, Z, Uhde-Stone, C, Tu, ZJ, Allan, D, Gronwald, JW, and Vance, CP. 2013. An RNA- seq transcriptome analysis of orthophosphate-deficient white lupin reveals novel insights into phosphorus acclimation in plants. Plant Physiol. 161: 705-724.

Leavitt,MJ, CC Sheaffer, DL Wyse, and DL Allan, 2011. Rolled winter rye and hairy vetch cover crops lower weed density but reduce vegetable yields in no-tillage organic production. Hort Sci 46: 387-395.

Cheng, L, B Bucciarelli, J Liu, K Zinn, S Miller, J Patton-Vogt, D Allan, J Shen, and C Vance, 2011.White lupin cluster root acclimation to phosphorus deficiency and root hair development involve unique glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterases. Plant Phys 156: 1131-1148.

Cheng, L, B Bucciarelli, J Shen, D Allan, CP Vance, 2011. Update on white lupin cluster root acclimation to phosphorus deficiency. Plant Phys 156: 1025-1032.

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Wang, BL, XY Tang, LY Cheng, AZ Zhang, FS Zhang, JQ Liu, Y Cao, DL Allan, CP Vance and JB Shen, 2010.Nitric oxide is involved in phosphorus deficiency-induced cluster-root development and citrate exudation in white lupin. New Phytologist 187: 1112-1123.

Sbabou L, B Bucciarelli, S Miller, J Liu, F Brhada, A Filali-Maltouf, D Allan and CP Vance, 2010. Molecular analysis of SCARECROW genes expressed in white lupin cluster roots J Exp Botany 61:1351-1363.

Liu, JQ, DL Allan and CP Vance, 2010. Systemic signaling and local sensing of phosphate in common bean: Cross-talk between photosynthate and microRNA399. Molecular Plant 3:428-437.