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Department of Soil, Water, and Climate

Gary Feyereisen | 612-625-0968
Gary Feyereisen
168 Borlaug Hall
1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108


B.S. 1979 University of Wisconsin - Platteville Agricultural Engineering
M.S. 2001 University of Minnesota Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
Ph.D. 2005 University of Minnesota Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

My research focuses on management of nutrients in the plant-soil-atmosphere system to increase use efficiency and to reduce environmental losses, particularly to water. We are currently investigating: impact of lower crude protein dairy diet on nitrogen use in the plant-soil-atmosphere system; effect of soil temperature and timing of manure application under winter conditions; filtration of phosphorus from agricultural non-point sources; cover crop effectiveness to provide economic and environmental benefits by reducing nitrogen losses.

Graduate Programs:
Soils Science
Land and Atmospheric Science

Selected Publications:
Feyereisen, G.W., P.J.A. Kleinman, G.J. Folmar, L.S. Saporito, T.R. Way, C.D. Church, and A.L. Allen. 2010. Effect of direct incorporation of poultry litter on phosphorus leaching from coastal plain soils. J. Soil Water Conservation 65(4): 243-251.

Feyereisen, G.W. and G.J. Folmar. 2009. Development of a laboratory-scale lysimeter system to simultaneously study runoff and leaching dynamics. Trans. ASABE 52(5): 1585-1591.

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Feyereisen, G.W., R. Lowrance, T.C. Strickland, D.D. Bosch, and J.M. Sheridan. 2008. Long-term stream chemistry trends in the southern Georgia Little River Experimental Watershed. J. Soil and Water Conserv. 63(6): 475-486.

Feyereisen, G.W., T.C. Strickland, D.D. Bosch, C.C. Truman, J.M. Sheridan, and T.L. Potter. 2008. Curve number estimates for conventional and conservation tillages in the southeast Coastal Plain. J. Soil and Water Conserv. 63(3): 120-128.

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Feyereisen, G.W., B.N. Wilson, G.R. Sands, J.S. Strock, and P.M. Porter. 2006. A probabilistic assessment of the potential for winter cereal rye to reduce field nitrate-nitrogen loss in southwestern Minnesota. Agronomy Journal 98(6): 1416-1426.

Feyereisen, G.W. 2002. Social and engineering aspects of an aquacultural development project in the Nakasongola District of Uganda. CIGR Ejournal Vol. IV. September 2002.