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Department of Soil, Water, and Climate

Jay Bell | 612-625-6703
jay bell


B.S. 1980 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Agronomy
M.S. 1982 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Agronomy
Ph.D. 1990 Pennsylvania State University Agronomy

Pedology with emphasis on landscape-scale process of soil genesis and the application of digital technologies (geographic information systems) for mapping, describing and reporting soil variability for land management. Hydrology, biochemistry, and morphology of wetland soils Innovative approaches to soil science education.

ESPM 1901  Freshman Seminar – Human Impacts on the Environment
Soil 5555 Wetland Soils
Soil 5515  Soil Genesis and Landscape Relationships

Graduate Programs:
Geographic Information Science (CLA)
Water Resource Science
Conservation Biology
Environmental Biology (CBS)

Selected Publications:
Dolliver, H.A.S. and J.C. Bell. 2006. Using scientific visualization to represent soil hydrology dynamics. Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education 35:5-11.

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Bell, J. C., Bates, P. C., and D. F. Grigal. 2000. Chapter 12. A Soil-Terrain Model for Estimating Spatial Patterns of Soil Organic Carbon. In J. Wilson and J. Gallant (eds.) Terrain Analysis: Principles and Applications.

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