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Jeff Strock | 507-752-5064
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S W Research and Outreach Center
23669 130th St.
Lamberton, MN 56152-1326



B.S.1993University of Wisconsin - Stevens PointSoil Science and Watershed Management
M.S.1995Oregon State UniversitySoil Physics
Ph.D.1999North Carolina State UniversitySoil Physics


My research activities are grouped into two complimentary areas: those related to Drainage Water Management practices and those related to Nutrient Management practices. I direct a field-based research program aimed at developing integrated water and nutrient management solutions for crop and livestock producers that reduces off-site nutrient mobility and improves water and nutrient use efficiency and crop yield. Effective management practice solutions are essential elements of resilient agricultural systems. Research project themes include: (1) agricultural water management and conservation; (2) nutrient management (N, P, S); (3) cropping system impacts and interactions among soil properties, the water balance and nitrogen and carbon cycling.

Graduate Programs:
Soil Science
Water Resources Science
Land and Atmospheric Science

Selected Publications:

Kroger. R., E.J. Dunne, J. Novak, K.W. King, E. McLellan, D.R. Smith, J. Strock, K. Boomer, M Tomer, and G.B. Noe. 2013. Downstream approaches to phosphorus management in agricultural landscapes: Regional applicability and use. Sci. Total Environ. 442:263-274.

R.T. Venterea, A.D. Halvorson, N. Kitchen, M. Liebig, M. Cavigelli, S. Del Grosso, P.P. Motavalli, K.A. Nelson, K.A. Spokas, B.P. Singh, C.E. Stewart, A. Ranaivoson, J. Strock, and H. Collins. 2012. Technical challenges and opportunities for mitigating nitrous oxide emissions from fertilized cropping systems. Frontiers Ecol. Environ. 10:562-570.

Joel, A., I. Wesström, J.S. Strock, I. Messing, 2012. Method for in situ measurements of water, sediment and phosphorous transport in the upper soil profile. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica 62:252-259.

Strock, J.S., P.J.A. Kleinman, K.W. King, and J.A. Delgado. 2010. Drainage water management for water quality protection. J. Soil Water. Conserv. 65:131A-136A.

Luo, W. G.R. Sands, M. Youssef, J.S. Strock, I. Song, and D. Canelon. 2010. Modeling the impact of alternative drainage practices in the northern corn belt with Drainmod-NII. Ag. Water Mgmt. 97:389-398.

Oquist, KA., J.S. Strock, and D.J. Mulla. 2007. Influence of alternative and conventional farming practices on subsurface drainage and water quality. J. Environ. Qual. 36:1194-1204.

Feyereisen, G.W., G.R. Sands, J.S. Strock, B.N. Wilson, P.M. Porter. 2007. Hydrology and nitrogen components of a simple rye growth model. J. Irrg. Drainage Eng. 133:90-99.

Oquist, KA., J.S. Strock, and D.J. Mulla. 2006. Influence of alternative and conventional management practices on soil physical properties. Vadose Zone J. 5: 356-364.

Thoma, D.P., S.C. Gupta, J.S. Strock, and J.F. Moncrief. 2005. Tillage and nutrient source impacts on water quality from a flat landscape. J. Environ. Qual. 34:1102-1111.

Strock, J.S., P.M. Porter, and M.P. Russelle. 2004. Cover cropping to reduce nitrate loss through subsurface drainage in the northern Corn Belt. J. Environ. Qual. 33:1010-1016.

Post Doctorate and Graduate Students:
Dave Tollefson, M.S. Soil Science (current)
Karl Bear, M.S. Soil Science (current)
Paulo Pagliari, M.S. Soil Science and Post-Doc
Stacey Feser, M.S. Soil Science
Kari Oquist, M.S. Water Resources Science