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Department of Soil, Water, and Climate

John Baker | 612-625-4249
j bakerfield

458 Borlaug Hall
1991 Upper Buford Circle
St Paul, MN 55108


B.S. 1983 Ohio State University Agronomy - Soil Science
M.S. 1985 Texas A&M University Soil and Crop Science
Ph.D. 1987 Texas A&M University Soil and Crop Science

Much of my research is currently focused on the carbon balance, water use, water quality, and greenhouse gas balance of agricultural systems, and how they can be modified to provide both food and energy without detrimental impacts on soil or water resources.  We are investigating management practices like cover cropping and companion cropping, using field-scale micrometeorological and hydrological techniques to measure exchange processes on a year-round basis.

Graduate Programs:
Soils Science
Water Resources Science
Land and Atmospheric Science

Selected Publications:
Baker, J.M. 2012. Vegetative propagation of kura clover: a field-scale test. Can. J. Plant Sci. (in press).

Gitelson, A.A., Y. Peng, J. Masek, D.C. Rundquist, S. Verma, A. Suyker, J.M. Baker, J.L. Hatfield, and T. Meyers. 2012. Remote sensing of crop productivity with Landsat data. Remote Sensing of Environ. 121:404-414.

Krueger, E., T.E. Ochsner, P.Porter, and J.M. Baker. 2012. Rye-corn silage double-cropping reduces corn yield but improves environmental impacts. Agron. J. 104:888-896.

Baker, J.M., T.J. Griffis, and T.E. Ochsner. 2012. Coupling Landscape Water Storage and Supplemental Irrigation to Increase Productivity and Improve Environmental Stewardship in the US Midwest. Water Resour. Res. 48, W05301, doi:10.1029/2011WR011780.

Krueger, E., T.E. Ochsner, P.Porter, and J.M. Baker. 2011. Winter rye cover crop management influences on soil water, soil nitrate, and corn development. Agron. J. 103:316-323.

Ochsner, T.E., J.M. Baker, K. Albrecht, and T. Schumacher. 2010. Water balance and nitrate leaching for corn in kura clover living mulch. Agron. J. 102:1169-1178.

Baker, J.M., and T.J. Griffis. 2010. A Simple, Accurate, Field-portable Mixing Ratio Generator and Rayleigh Distillation Device. Agric. Forest Meteorol. 150:1607-1611.

Baker, J.M., and T.J. Griffis. 2009. Evaluating the potential of winter cover crops in corn-soybean systems for sustainable co-production of food and fuel. Agric. Forest Meteorol. 149:2120-2132.

Bavin, T.K. , , T. J. Griffis, J. M. Baker, R. T. Venterea. 2009. Impact of reduced tillage and cover cropping on the greenhouse gas budget of a maize/soybean rotation agricultural ecosystem. Agric. Ecosyst. Environ. 134:234-242.

Baker, J.M., T.E. Ochsner, R.T. Venterea, and T.J. Griffis. 2007. Tillage and carbon sequestration- What do we really know? Agric. Ecosyst. Environ.118:1-5.