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Department of Soil, Water, and Climate

John Lamb | 612-625-1772
S229 Soils Building
1529 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108


B.S. 1978 University of Nebraska Soil Science & Ag Economics
M.S. 1980 Iowa State University Soil Fertility & Management
Ph.D. 1984 University of Nebraska Soil

My education and work has been in production agriculture with emphasis in soil science. I have worked with many agricultural systems in the Upper Midwest of the United States investigating soil fertility and soil management aspects. These systems include the crops of corn, soybean, wheat, barley, sugar beet, and potato.

My research program is focused in developing nutrient management systems to improve sugar beet quality while preserving or improving environmental quality.

SOIL 2125 Basic Soil Science
SOIL 3416 Plant Nutrients in the Environment

Graduate Programs:
Land and Atmospheric Science
Applied Plant Sciences

Selected Publications:
Sindelar, A.J., J.A. Coulter, J.A. Lamb, J.A. Vetsch. 2013. Agronomic responses of continuous corn to stover, tillage, and nitrogen management. Agron. J. 105:1498-1506.

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