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Department of Soil, Water, and Climate

Terence Cooper | 612-625-7747
244 Borlaug Hall
1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul MN 55108


B.S. 1969 Michigan State University Soil Science
M.S. 1970 Michigan State University Soil Science - Pedology
Ph.D. 1975 Michigan State University Soil Science

My main interests are in teaching introductory soils, field studies, soil judging, soil geography, and environmental review.   My research interests follow along these areas with activities in environmental review, soil morphology, soil survey investigations, soil variability and soil sustainability.

Soil 2125 – Basic Soils
Soil 1125 – The Soil Resource
Soil 5125 – Soil Science for Teachers
Soil  4505 – Soil Geography
Soil 3521 – Soil Judging
Soil 4511 – Field Study of Soils
ESPM 1905  - Freshman Seminar – State of the World
ESPM 4096  -  Internship Experience
ESPM 4093 -  Independent Study
ESPM 4094 – Independent Research
ESPM 2021  -  Problem solving
ESPM 4021 -  Problem solving for Environmental Review
ESPM 1905  - Freshman Seminar – State of the World

Graduate Programs:
Soil Science
Land and Atmospheric Science

Selected Publications:
Loeding, April M., & Terence.H.Cooper;  2006.  Help Guides Aid Understanding of Minnesota’s Environmental Review Process,  CURA Reporter, Vol 36, No. 1, Spring, Univ. of Minnesota, Center for Urban and Regional Affairs.

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