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For information about Soil 1125, 2125 & 5125 please select from

WEB Laboratory Units These units need to be read before you do the Lab- This is the course text book.

Power Point Lecture Notes These notes are the same as used in lecture

Course Organization 1125 & 5125General course Information

Course Organization 2125General course Information

Course Schedule 1125 & 5125Schedule of Activities for the Semester

Course Schedule 2125Schedule of Activities for the Semester

Weekly Webexams

Instructor This gives information about Dr. Cooper

For Information when this class is offered go to Registrar's Home Page

This home page and related links will provide users information for studying introductory soils Fall Semester (Soil 2125 and Soil 1125) at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul

For information on doing Science Fair Projects related to soils go to Science Fair Projects
Resources : For links to web pages that will provide you with additional resources go to RESOURCES

Do the web pages before entering the laboratory.

Lab 243

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