Lecture Notes for Soils - Power Point

Lecture Notes are in Power Point as used in the lectures. All pictures and graphs from lecture are in the Power Point Presentation.

If you want to use these notes in lecture you should copy them from the Web as the outline fomr and paste them into your word processing program and organize the notes according to your needs.

See Class Schedule 2125 orClass Schedule 1125 for the date of the lecture.

T. Cooper

Lecture Notes From Power Point Presentations

Introductory Lectures
Introduction AIntroduction to Soil Science

Introduction B What is soil?

Lecture 1a Soil From Rocks

Lecture 1b Soil as a resource: Soil Texture & Structure

Lecture 2a Soil Texture

Lecture 2b Soil Texture and Hydrology

Lecture 3a Soil Horizons

Lecture 3b Writing soil profile descriptions & Forest Soils

Lecture 4a Soil Forming Factor : Glaciation as a Parent Material & Climate

Lecture 4b Soil Forming Factors - Biotic, Topography, & Time

Lecture 5a Soil Taxonomy

Lecture 5b Soils of MinnesotaSame as Soils of the Week

Lecture 6a Soil Weight & Tillage

Lecture 6b Constructed Wetlands

Lecture 7a Soil Water

Lecture 7b Soil Water Movement & Hydrologic Cycle

Lecture 8a Soil Survey

Lecture 8b Land Use Project

Lecture 9a Carbon Cycle

Lecture 9b Nitrogen Cycle

Lecture 10a Organic Matter

Lecture 10b The Challenge of Ephosus & Soil Erosion

Lecture 11a Clay Minerals

Lecture 12a Soil Chemistry

Lecture 12b Cation Exchange

Lecture 13a Fertility- N,P,K

Lecture 13bFertility & Nutrient Uptake

Lecture 14 Soil Pollution

Lab Units