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Science Fair Projects About:

  1. How soils are different from one location to another
  2. The physical properties of soils
  3. The chemical properties of soils
  4. The biological properties of soils.

Links to General Information about Science Fair Projects

Links with Information on Soils

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Lesson Plans on Soil Science-
Soil Science Education Home Page (NASA) -
The Dirt on Soil-(Discovery . com) -
Backyard Conservation-NRCS -
NASTA Book - Dig In-Hands on Soil Investigations -
Soils Related Lessons from Nebraska--
Soils and Kids/Teachers (Uof Az)-
Soils & Songs- or- More Songs on Soils

Home Page for Basic Soils Course @ University of Minnesota

Creating Science Fair Projects That Use Soil

Lab 243
The information provided here is to assist students and teachers in developing science fair projects that relate to soil science.
e-mail if you have questions.

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