Support Our Students

Graduate Students

The Department has four fellowship funds that support graduate students in the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate. These funds honor former faculty and friends of the department. Contributions to these specific funds, or a general fund in support of graduate students, are always welcome.

  • Raymond R. Allmaras Fellowship
    The Allmaras family and friends established this fellowship to honor the legacy of Raymond R. Allmaras, an outstanding Research Scientist in the USDA-ARS and Adjunct Professor in the department. Funds from this fellowship provide stipends for graduate students in the Precision Agriculture and Conservation area.

  • Howe Family Fellowship
    The Howe family honors Roy and Myrtle Howe, long-time friends of the department, through the establishment of this fellowship and a second fund to support the upkeep of the Roy and Myrtle Howe conference room in Borlaug Hall. Funds from this fellowship provide stipends for graduate students in the soil sciences.

  • Peter Graham Memorial Fund
    Peter H. Graham was a Professor in the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate whose research interests included Bean and soybean cultivar improvement in the ability to nodulate and fix nitrogen; Rhizobium strain selection for grain, pasture and prairie legumes; Host and Rhizobium tolerance of edaphic stress; Inoculant formulation and production; Rhizobium ecology and diversity/prairie fragmentation and long distance education. Dr. Graham passed away May 9th, 2009. Family and friends established a Memorial Fund whose primary purpose is for graduate student support.

  • Donald G. Baker Fellowship
    The Baker family and friends established this fellowship to honor Donald G. Baker, Professor Emeritus. Dr. Baker was an outstanding climatologist whose career touched six decades and solidly established the importance of the atmospheric focus in the department. Funds from this fellowship provide stipends for graduate students in the department's programs.

  • C. William (Bill) Zanner Fellowship
    Friends and family of established this fellowship to honor Bill Zanner, Assistant Professor of Pedology, whose love and enthusiasm for field-based research and teaching in the earth sciences were inspiring to students and colleagues. This fellowship provides funds to support graduate student learning in field-based tours, courses, and workshops.

Undergraduate Students

The faculty in Soil, Water, and Climate teach and advise students in two interdisciplinary programs. Undergraduate fellowships provide essential support for many students and help recruit the best students into our programs. Your support of undergraduate fellowships makes a lasting investment in these promising students and in our society. The two programs we support are:

  • The Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM) undergraduate program is a highly successful, broad-based program that provides an integrated approach to understanding the environment. Students in the program can focus on various aspects of the environment: environmental science; conservation and resource management; corporate environmental management; environmental education and communication; or on policy, planning, law, and society.

  • The Agricultural Communication and Marketing undergraduate program is an interdisciplinary program that has three broad areas of focus: applied agricultural sciences and communication studies. Students may focus on either crops and soils industries or they may design an individual emphasis. Graduates have excellent career prospects in agribusiness and agricultural marketing.

  • Soil Judging Team - To support the activities of the Soil Judging Team.