Supporting Lecture Programs

The Kuehnast Lecture Series

Kuehnast Lecture.Named to honor the memory of former State Climatologist Earl Kuehnast, the Kuehnast Lecture Series is dedicated to public engagement on important atmospheric and climate science topics and issues. Earl Kuehnast was an adjunct faculty member in the department from 1968 to 1986 and made important contributions to the departmental mission of research, teaching, and extension. Thanks to the generosity of family members and other benefactors, the Kuehnast Endowment was established within the Department of Soil, Water, & Climate in 1992. It supports the Annual Kuehnast Lecture, held each fall, which brings some of the foremost speakers in the world to campus. Read more information about the Kuehnast Lecture Series.

In addition to the Annual Kuehnast Lecture, the endowment funds also support the Kuehnast Climatology Library (housed within the department) and travel grants for faculty and students.

The Larson-Allmaras Lecture Series

Named in honor of two of our most distinguished faculty, William E. Larson and Raymond R. Allmaras, the Larson-Allmaras Lecture series is focused on emerging issues affecting soil and water resources. Food security, global sustainability of natural resources, and a healthy environment are among the principal concerns for the 21st century. Soil and water sciences play a critical role in addressing these concerns. This lecture series, which hosts some of the most distinguished speakers in the world, provides a forum to explore emerging issues, to inspire creative thinking, and to recognize excellence in the broad area of agricultural research with specific emphasis on soil and water.