Jonathan Alexander

166 Borlaug
B.S. Soil Science - University of Wisconsin, River Falls



Jon grew up on his family's farm near Vesta, Minnesota, and has been a lifelong student of agriculture. He is excited to bring his passion for soil science and agriculture to the University of Minnesota and work toward a more productive and sustainable future. He is currently working with his advisers on determining optimal nitrogen rates for corn production in a kura clover living mulch system. He hopes to someday bring his agricultural skills to less developed parts of the world where improved farming practices could positively impact local communities.

Favorite Quotes:
Almost certainly, however, the first essential component of social justice is adequate food for all mankind. - Norman Borlaug
When I add up the live weights, exclusive of roots, estimated by soil biologists, I find more living biomass below ground than above it, amounting to the equivalent of 12 horses per acre. - Hans Jenny (1984)


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