Kathleen Hall

S226 Soils
439 Borlaug Hall
1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108
B.S. Department of Natural Resources / Biology - University of Wisconsin - Madison



My research focuses on the fate and transport of environmental contaminants in soil. I am currently studying how biochar (a carbon-rich material created by heating biomass in a low oxygen environment) influences the mobility and bioavailability of a variety of pesticides in soil. I am particularly interested in the sorption and desorption mechanisms of agrichemicals on biochars prepared from diverse feedstock materials.

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Hall, K.E., Ray, C., Ki, S.J., Spokas, K.A., Koskinen, W.C. (2015). Pesticide sorption and leaching potential on three Hawaiian soils. J. Environ. Manage. 159, 227-234.

Thomazini, A., Spokas, K.A., Hall, K.E., Ippolito, J., Lentz, R., Novak, J. (2015). GHG impacts of biochar: Predictability for the same biochar. Agric., Ecosyst. Environ. 207, 183-191.

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Hall, K.E., Calderon, M.J., Spokas, K.A., Cox, L., Koskinen, W.C., Novak, J.M., Cantrell, K.B. (2014). Phenolic acid sorption to biochars from mixtures of feedstock materials. Water, Air, Soil Polut. 225(7), 1-9.

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