Joshua Stamper

Extension Soil Scientist
S227 Soil Science Building
1529 Gortner Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108
+1 612 626 4986

My extension programs are focused on irrigation and nutrient management to protect groundwater. My current work is around developing and refining decision tools to allow growers to profitably meet crop water needs while protecting ground water.

Select Publications:
Krishna P. Woli, Fabián G. Fernández, John E. Sawyer, Joshua D. Stamper, David B. Mengel, Daniel W. Barker and Mark H. Hanna. 2014. Agronomic Comparison of Anhydrous Ammonia Applied with a High Speed-Low Draft Opener and Conventional Knife Injection in Corn. Agron. J. 106:881-892.

B.S. 2004 Berea College Agriculture
M.S. 2009 Kansas State University Agronomy

Joshua Stamper picture