Soil and Landscape Analysis Laboratory


The Soil and Landscape Analysis Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary facility that supports innovative research activities, teaching and outreach activities, as well as GIS/Remote Sensing services that focus on spatial analysis of natural resources. The available infrastructure, both physical and intellectual, housed within the lab provides valuable tools for students, faculty, and research staff to study the spatial dynamics of soil science, climatology, and hydrology.

The lab specializes in analysis of natural resource information that includes soils, terrain, and landscape information at multiple scales. Most notably, the SLAL provides expertise in terrain analysis, LiDAR data, and the application of these techniques to study environmental questions. Our users include students, faculty, and research staff that work on a variety of projects throughout soil, water, and climatic disciplines.

The SLAL is also a cooperator with local, state, and national partners involving a myriad of projects that incorporate soils, terrain, and hydrologic data. If you're interested in a partnership with the SLAL regarding a future project, or would simply like to learn more, please contact Joel Nelson – GIS Specialist and Manager of the Soil & Landscape Analysis Laboratory at or 612-625-9235.

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