Goran's Discovery Farms

Minnesota’s First Discovery Farm, April 4, 2012 update
Where the City Meets the Farm: A Case Study of Drainage Water Quality

The “Where the City Meets the Farm” water quality study is in its fifth year. This farm is the first MN Discovery farm. A Discovery Farm evaluates crop production and water quality on a farm field scale. Most best management practices have been developed on small plots at Experiment Stations (about .002 acres). It is difficult to scale up from this size plot to predict what will happen (crop response or water quality impacts) on a field scale. The fields at the Gorans Discovery farm are 150 acres allowing farming with full size implements and definitive estimates on effects. A drainage ditch that receives most of the storm water runoff from the city of Willmar, MN is also being monitored as well as the nearby Lake Wakonda which receives drainage water from both sources (farm and city). Soils at this site are generally poorly drained and require intensive tiling for crop production. Due to very little surface relief, pumping stations at field edges raise drainage water into wetlands and ultimately the lake. Phosphorus, nitrogen, sediment, and pathogens are being monitored. You may be surprised to find the sources of these major drainage water contaminants. Of the eight contaminants being monitored seven were higher from the storm water. Nitrate nitrogen was higher from the farm fields. In 2012 treatment of this contaminant will be evaluated at the field edge with a woodchip bioreactor and wetland.

Moncrief Discovery Farm Willmar 2013 PDF iconupdate_2012.pdf

Willmar Bioreactor & Wetland 2013 PDF iconupdate_2012.pdf

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