COIVID-19 Field Research Requests

Field research request procedures 

(Version #3) 

  1. Research project PI completes "Permitted Research Request" Google Form.  
  2. Once you complete this request save a PDF copy and place it in the SWAC google docs "Pending Head Approval" folder: 
  3. As before, Department Head Carl Rosen will review and sign the files if approved and place the signed version in the "Pending Dean" folder.  Please save a copy of your request in case it needs to be revised.
  4. Dean Buhr will sign as before, if approved, and then move them into the "Approved Dean" folder.  
  5. Dean Buhr notifies Department Head, and he will copy the approved and signed request into our SWAC google doc "Approved" Folder:
  6. You can check this folder for all approved requests including revised requests for adding personnel.