COVID-19 Updates for Travel and Sunrise Operations

Planning to return to work?

Any new spring requests or changes to the requests approved this last fall require a new Site Access Request (please also check the end dates on your fall permits; expired dates require a new permit). For spring teaching, a Site Access Request is not required if you are on campus teaching at your regularly-scheduled time. Site Access Requests are required for other teaching-related work on campus that is outside your instructional hours as listed in the spring teaching schedule. Permits are NOT required for travel to non-U of M sites.

1. Supervisor/PI logs in to CFANS Request Portal to complete a CFANS Facilities Access Request.

On campus: CFANS Site Access Request (aka Sunrise Work Request)

    • Requests access to primary office/lab for yourself and others or to other facilities for hosting vendors, visitors, etc.
    • You must click the "Add Personnel" button - data entry is not automatically saved.
    • Requests approved by Department Head.

Off campus: CFANS Research Site Access Request (aka Travel-Research Permits)

    • Requests access to ROCs, CFC, Plant Growth Facilities, St. Paul Campus Research Fields, etc. for yourself and others or for hosting vendors, visitors, etc.
    • Separate submissions are required for each unique visit. One submission can be used for consecutive days. Use the "Duplicate Request" to add additional days or sites to make updates/changes.
    • You must click the "Add Personnel" button - data entry is not automatically saved.
    • Requests approved by Site Manager.

2. After approval, named participants/collaborators receive an automated email to give consent and agreement to adhere to safety and carpooling protocols.

3. PI/supervisor must ensure all named participants sign a consent form before they can access CFANS facilities.

    • All users can view previous requests and approval status, along with status of consent agreements on the CFANS Request Portal.

Spring 2021 Teaching - Field Trip/Experience Request

Required for all field trips or field experiences. All students must sign and acknowledge the safety protocols before they can participate.

  1. Email Carl and Amber with the course number/name and brief details of the field trip/experience (e.g., when, where, etc.)
  2. The field trip/experience details will be submitted to CFANS for approval and setup.
  3. Once approved, Amber will share two links:
    • Link for the students to complete the Google form acknowledging they will follow all COVID-19 safety protocols. Please share this link with the students in your class. All students must complete the form before participating in the field trip/experience.
    • Link for the spreadsheet for the instructor to monitor students’ form submission.

Travel - Domestic and International

The University policy is linked here.