Soil Fertility & Precision Nutrient Management Candidates

Three candidates have been selected by the search committee to participate in an interview process for this position. Each candidate will present a public seminar to articulate their teaching philosophy and research vision. The seminars will be recorded and archieved for later viewing. 

Position Description 

This is a nine-month tenure-track appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor with duties divided between Research (50%) and Teaching (50%). Read the full position description here


Davide Cammarano 

Interviewed May 1st - 2nd

Davide Cammarano is currently a Research Scientist at the James Hutton Institute (former Scottish Crop Research Institute), Dundee, Scotland, UK. He completed a Ph.D. in Resource Management/Agronomy at the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in August 2010. His scientific interests include agronomy, precision agriculture, remote sensing, application and development of crop models, crop and soil sciences, climate change and climate forecasts in agriculture, and understanding the role of agriculture in local and global food safety and security. He considers crop yield to result from dynamic interactions between the soil-plant-atmosphere in both space (within field) and time (daily/monthly/season). While spatial variability can be assessed using many tools, the effects of temporal variability and the explanations of the causes leading to a given field variability need more scientific attention. Most of his research activities focus on using remote sensing, modelling tools, and field data collection in order to quantify the variability of the temporal component and find causes for the observed field variability. He has published 44 refereed journal articles and 10 book chapters from his research.

Hanna Poffenbarger 

Interview May 11th - 12th

Hanna Poffenbarger is currently a graduate student in Soil Science at Iowa State University. She is expected to complete her Ph.D. in Fall of 2017. Her research focus is on measuring and modeling the spatiotemporal dynamics of plant available nitrogen originating from both synthetic fertilizer and organic sources including soil organic matter, legume and non-legume cover crop residues, and animal waste products. Her hypothesis-driven research applies principles of agronomy, ecology, and biogeochemistry to study interactions between agricultural management and nutrient cycling using laboratory, greenhouse, field, and modeling experiments. She places her agronomic research within a broader economic context by collaborating with crop production specialists, engineers, and economists to evaluate the profitability of different agricultural management approaches. She has seven refereed journal publications from her M.S. and Ph.D. research.

Yuxin Miao

Interview May 22nd - 23rd

Yuxin Miao is currently an Associate Professor of Precision Agriculture and Nutrient Management in the Department of Plant Nutrition, at China Agricultural University (CAU).   He obtained a Ph.D. in Soil Science with a concentration in Precision Agriculture from the University of Minnesota (UMN) in 2005. Afterwards, he did two years of post-doctoral research at the UMN Precision Agriculture.  His field and laboratory research focuses on spatial variability in soil, crop yield and quality, optimizing corn yield and grain quality with precision agricultural technologies, slow release N fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, and improving crop N management with satellite, aerial and UAV remote sensing, as well as proximal sensing. He has published 53 refereed journal papers on precision farming and nutrient management.  He serves as Assoc. Director of the Jiansanjiang Experiment Station. He conducts multidisciplinary research with collaborators in nutrient management, crop management, precision farming, remote sensing, meteorology, plant protection, agricultural engineering, crop modeling, electronics and information technology.  This research led to the development of precision rice, wheat and corn management systems in China. He serves as Founding Co-Director of the International Center for Agro-Informatics and Sustainable Development (ICASD) jointly established by CAU and the University of Cologne, Germany. He is involved in research which aims to improve farmers’ productivity and income by working closely with them on small, medium and large scales of on-farm research. 

Contact Information

If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact the search committee chair David Mulla,