Spring 2018 Seminar Series

January 24  |  3:30 PM  |  375 Borlaug Hall Kenny Blumenfeld Managing Minnesota's Changing Climatology and the Case for Myopia Watch the Recording
February 7 |  3:30 PM  |  375 Borlaug Hall Joshua Gamble On-farm enviromental assessment of corn silage production systems receiving liquid dairy manure Watch the Recording 
February 21  |  3:30 PM  |  375 Borlaug Hall  LAAS Graduate Students  |  Spackman/Emerson "Science in Seconds" - 3 Minute Talks from LAAS graduate students about their research  |  Use of Chemical and microbe-based additives in the N management of irrigated potato crop cultivated in sandy soils Watch the Recording
March 7  |  3:30 PM  |  375 Borlaug Hall  Luigi Romolo The Synoptic Controls on Tornadic Activity in Minnesota Watch the Recording
March 21  |  3:30 PM  |  375 Borlaug Hall Jane Johnson Stover harvest impact on nitrous oxide emission from corn and soybean growing in no-till field Watch the Recording
April 4  |  3:30 PM  |  375 Borlaug Hall  Paulo Pagliari Fertilizer management impacts on nutrient mineralization, nutrient availability, plant growth and plant yeild Watch the Recording
April 18  |  3:30 PM  |  375 Borlaug Hall Satish Gupta Bank Erosion in the Minnesota River Basin and its Impact on Sedimentation in Lake Pepin Watch the Recording
May 4   |  TBA Dr. Eric Davidson Larson-Allmaras Lecture in Emerging Issues in Soil and Water