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Soil Judging is a student experience unlike any other. It's not just about winning competitions (though it's certainly nice!). Group work, field experience, real job skills, and networking mean students consistently say it's one of the most valuable parts of their time at the University of Minnesota. 

You can be part of the team! Donors make it possible for our students, no matter their circumstances, to travel, compete, and have this incredible experience. 

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Students say: 

“During a rigorous interview process, I pulled from the leadership and management skills that I developed during soil judging to land the job and begin my career. I now live and work in an area where we spent a week in soil pits determining clay percentage, hydraulic conductivity, and parent material. I apply those relevant skills to this landscape for the betterment of the growers and professionals that I work with on a daily basis.”

- Stefan Swenson, Soil Judging alumnus currently doing production and supply development at Syngenta

"I've really grown to like soil judging a lot because it's a unique skill that you don't often get in classes." 

- Rusty Zimmerman, Soil Judging almnus, 2016 National Competition captain 

"I definitely feel like I'm going to use these skills in the future. I'm really interested in soil conservation and management and want to make that my career." 

- Andrea Williams, 2016 Soil Judging almunus

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